Theatre Ticket

Cathedralis Tours Travel Agency sells tickets for the Esztergom Castle Theatre.

The current theatre program is to be found on the website of the Esztergom Castle Theatre:

However, the latest information about the programs of the Esztergom Castle Theater are on their Facebook page:

The performances of the Esztergom Castle Theater are very popular, that’s why we hardly advise you to buy your theatre ticket in advance! Come personnally to the Cathedralis Tours Travel Agency or book your ticket by phone.

The remaining theatre tickets can be purchased at the performance venue half an hour before the start of the spectacle. Pre-booked tickets can also be picked up there.

It can be expected that the tickets for the large-scale performances that are organised yearly between the 15th and the 20th of August, as well as the performances of the L’art pour l’art Comedy Band will run out well before the date of the spectacle.

You are wellcome to the Esztergom Castle Theatre!